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“I love my apartment. It’s completely renovated and Towne Housing Real Estate has done a great job. I haven’t had a single issue and if I did it would be resolved immediately. I have nice neighbors and if you looking for a landlord who considers you, go with Towne Housing.”

– Matthew, Resident

“Jeremy, We are highly impressed with your diligence to take care of your tenants and the properties you own. It is very comforting to know if we have issues while we are renting, you and your staff are right there to take care of the issue. Which we are very happy to say; is not often at all. As always thank you to you and your entire staff.”

– Tyrone, Resident

“I had been in contact with numerous possible landlords, all of which were either rude, insensitive, irresponsible or a combination of those three. Jeremy was the exact opposite. He set up a meeting immediately, kept the appointment, was extremely professional and informative. Since becoming a tenant here, there has been the odd occurrence of a utility or hardware problem… All of which were resolved the same or next day with phone calls before and after entry to my apartment to update me on the situation. I simply cannot beam enough with my satisfaction of Towne Housing.”

– Bethany, Resident

“During my families year and a half stay in our apartment, we have been nothing but pleased. Apartments are very well maintained by a friendly, pleasant and courteous maintenance crew. Quick results for any repairs. Family owned, extremely professional, and reasonably priced.”

– Jonna, Resident

“While looking for a apartment in Niagara Falls l could not have been more impressed by Pam and her professional attitude. While we ended up not finding a place to fit our needs but wasn’t because of Pam’s efforts. She took us around to every place that she thought would work for us. Her upbeat personality is something l won’t forget.”

– Steven, Resident

“I absolutely love Towne Housing Real Estate. From the very beginning they were super helpful. I moved to the area from out of state and Elizabeth helped to make the transition very easy. Over the last 2 years everyone that I have met from the office or those that have come to my home for maintenance have been amazing. I seriously cannot say enough good things about them. 10/10 would recommend.”

– Libby, Resident

“It doesn’t get better than Towne. The maintenance crew was always professional and prompt, communication was great! Even the owner called me to fix a problem. Thank you so much.”

– Travis, Resident

“They are so helpful over there. They got me into my apartment really quickly, and presented me with a bunch of different options before I picked the right place.”

– Laura, Resident

“I can’t say enough good about this team! They are highly efficient, professional and understanding. I first moved in to one of their managed properties in July of 2018, and have not come across any major issues. Any and all minor complaints were handled in a very caring and friendly manner. Libby has been hands down THE BEST “landlady” I have ever done business with! The property I currently rent is structurally sound and cozy, perfect for me and Tom (my cat).. don’t judge! Libby is my go to girl, she knows what she’s doing!”

– Lauren, Resident

“Every year Town Housing steps their game up. Since I have rented from them they have upgraded their operating office, upgraded the living space I stay at (adding an automatic lock for security, repairing building structural issues, etc), and even upgraded to online accessibility for tenant request and rental payments. They have always been prompt about maintenance request, and this year they even included snow removal as their responsibility (last year we had to shovel our own sidewalks). I have been supremely impressed with the service from this company.”

– Bianca, Resident