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“It is our desire to not just provide the best possible experience to our clients but to also provide that same level of experience to all of our residents. In addition to the overall experience, we also strive to rent apartments for the most competitive rates. Outlined below are minimum standards that ensure both the client’s highest rate of return but also the resident’s overall living conditions and experience. Much of the below list can be found through various housing standards websites and rental assistance associations, with a few added line items of our own. We encourage ALL clients to live up to this mission to ensure their highest return and to build positive long-term rental relationships with their residents. Each category below outlines basic standards that we expect our managed portfolio to meet.”

– Jeremy M Ballsmith, Managing Partner

  • All exterior surfaces, including the foundation and roof, are free from holes, buckling, sagging, and any other defects.
  • All stairs, rails, and porches should be free from structural damage and broken/missing railings.
  • Access cannot be blocked in any way and lighting must be adequate for safe entry/exit.
  • Stairways containing more than four steps should have a handrail and all balconies/porches (thirty or more inches about the ground) should have secure railings.
  • Porches, balconies, lawns, etc. should also be free of trash, debris, and clutter.
  • City approved trash receptacles should be in place and ready for use by the tenant to properly dispose of trash/food waste.
  • Thorough cleanout to be conducted prior to each new move-in. This includes all surfaces, appliances, interior, and removal from premises of all belongings left behind of previous tenants. This is to be done at owner’s expense, taken out of previous tenant’s security deposit where applicable and when able.
  • Repair/replace any unsecured/damaged doors to exterior from units. Exterior doors must contain at least one secure deadbolt.
  • Locks will be changed with each new tenant. A lock recycle program will be formed and implemented to save owners money. We will do our best to accommodate the need for locks. Occasionally owners will have to pay for new locks.
  • Parking lots are to be plowed. No lots are the responsibility of the tenant.
  • Tenants will remain responsible for single driveways, stairs, porches, walkways, and city monitored sidewalks. Salt and shovel provided at the beginning of and throughout snow season.
  • Separate mailboxes are also needed for each unit.
  • In all units built before 1978, all surfaces in the unit must be free from damaged or deteriorated paint. Especially if young children will be occupying the unit.
  • Floors and ceilings must also be free from buckling, holes, large cracks, large tears, water damage, etc. Carpets damaged beyond normal wear/tear are to be professionally cleaned or replaced, depending on the level of smell/stains/burns/missing spots.
  • Essential oils may be used to remove excessive pet odors, but we may need to install replacement carpets, should this not be effective.
  • Window panes that are cracked, missing, broken, or with exposed shards are to be replaced or entire window to be replaced if needed.
  • Windows that do not stay up on their own are to have side tabs installed to allow them to stay up on their own.
  • Missing cabinetry, cabinetry doors to be repaired/replaced.
  • Damaged, stained, or greasy counters to be cleaned/replaced if needed.
  • Stoves and refrigerators (if provided by owner) must be in working order, with all knobs fully functional.
  • All water heaters are installed safely with the presence of a pressure relief valve and discharge line.
  • All heating sources must provide enough heat to fully heat the unit. The heating source must also be free from any fire hazards like improper ventilation or connections, space heaters, damaged, improperly connected, or open flue and chimneys, absence of safety devices, and/or any other potential for fire hazards.
  • Each level of the unit must contain working smoke detectors/CO2 detectors (where needed). This includes basements and attics. It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace batteries as they perish. Tenant to sign a smoke detector agreement making them responsible and are advised to change batteries regularly.
  • If the property has been vacant for an extended period of time a basic cleaning service should be done prior to tenant move-in.
  • Heating concerns should be expected and owners should be prepared to fix, clean, or replace if needed during the months between Sept-April, including replacement of furnace filters, where needed. Tenants will remain responsible for the changeover of filters every 4 months.
  • All sinks, tubs, and showers within unit must be in working order and include functional hot and cold running water with a properly connected drain/tap, free from leaks and containing a gas trap.
  • All plumbing within the unit must be free from leaks, corrosion, and connected to an acceptable public or private disposal system and is free from sewer back-up.
  • P-Traps to prevent sewage odors to be installed on all showers and sinks.
  • Where applicable, washers and dryers to be connected by our maintenance team in order to avoid the risk of flooding, fire, gas leaks, etc. hazards.
  • Toilets/sinks/tubs to be clean and sanitary.
  • Broken/damaged/stained toilets are to be replaced.
  • Tubs to be re-caulked and re-glazed if excessively damaged/stained.
  • There should not be any damaged/unsafe lighting, broken/loose ceiling fans, or electrical outlets/switches.
  • Also, GFCI’s to be used on all outlets placed within 4 feet of a water source and all other outlets must be properly grounded, as well.
  • In bathrooms where no windows are present the installation of a vent fan is required.

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