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Towne Housing Real Estate offers a network of experience, knowledge, and resources to assist in real estate investment across Western NY. Over our 8 years of service, we’ve promoted local growth and helped our clients build an impressive real estate portfolio. From a single duplex to 100+ unit complexes, we consider the positive and negative potential and customize the most rewarding approach. Our clients benefit from our range of expertise, including property analysis, portfolio structuring, buying/selling arenas, and the sharing of essential information. We ensure confidence in your decisions.

Real Estate Investing Services

Real estate investment allows diversity as well as steady, sustainable income. Grow net worth through the increase in property value and take advantage of tax write-offs. Consider expanding your investments and gain security through ownership of a fixed asset. From disposable income to preparing for retirement, awareness of the fundamentals behind successful property ownership is vital.


To scale, you will need a dependable team and a consistent process to address the various challenges that arise. Towne Housing Real Estate employs a complex set of processes and operational procedures to ensure your properties are being managed properly. We make onboarding new investments easy by following the same workflows each time to produce fast and profitable results.


Due to our extensive management portfolio, we can provide solid insight into future rental rates and a properties potential to earn. We can assist in the due-diligence period with a thorough market analysis and can provide internally held information to confirm our assumptions. Our managed portfolio spans all of Western New York. Finding local comps is easier than ever before.


Throughout the purchase process, our team can provide key insights into a new property before the closing day to ensure we have a solid plan to follow on day one. Our Project Managers often join our clients on walkthroughs to thoroughly inspect a property and to outline challenges that will come up in the future. While no property is perfect, our team works to provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of their next investment and a plan to address all findings quickly and thoroughly.

We’ll help your achieve your real estate investment goals!

There are big differences between owning a home and an apartment building. Locally owned and operated, Towne Housing Real Estate works with you, supporting your goals through honesty, availability, and proficiency. We make sure you choose the ideal path to achieve your goals with real estate investing services throughout Western NY. Contact us today to get started!