Our Lease

Our Lease Agreement

Towne Housing offers lease agreements with several terms included. Outlined below are some features of our lease agreement, for a copy or more details please contact us today.

Terms Offered

All leases are for a minimum of 1 year. No shorter lease terms will be made available to any applicant for any property.

Important Provisions

Late Fees

Late fees are 10% of the monthly rental rate or $50, whichever is less and are charged if rent is not received by the 5th of the month. Note: Late fees will not be removed from a tenants ledger under any circumstances. Additionally, eviction process begins promptly on the 6th day of the month with the issuance of a 5 day notice to pay.

Security Deposits 

Security Deposits are NOT to be used during the tenancy to cover un-paid rent. The deposit is established to cover damages to the unit that are deemed beyond normal wear and tear and to cover un-paid rent at the end of the lease or upon eviction.

Utilities & Services 

Utilities must be maintained and active by the tenant for the duration of the tenancy IF the utilities are not already included in the monthly rent. At no time should the temperature of the unit be lower than 60 degrees when the temperature outside is lower than 10 degrees. This is to prevent freezing pipes and other damage to the property – failure to comply will result in tenants requirement to pay for damages caused by their neglect.

Repairs & Alterations 

NO tenant is to make repairs or alterations to the apartment. All requests for repairs & alterations are to be submitted to the designated property manager. If tenants alter the unit that is grounds for eviction and the costs to fix will be deducted from the security deposit.

Renters Insurance 

Please be aware that the property owners insurance does not cover your personal belongings. It is recommended that all tenants purchase renters insurance to cover their belongings. This will be a purchase at the expense of the tenant. Many car insurance providers offer policies for renters. To get more information contact your insurance provider or agent today.

Additional Tenants 

Prior written approval is required before allowing additional persons to reside within your unit who are not listed on the lease. NO subletting is allowed at any property we own or manage. Failure to comply may result in eviction. Additional costs may be associated with additional tenants based on your location, current rental rate and number of additional occupants.

Smoke & CO2 Detectors 

Several units are equipped with hard-wired Smoke & CO2 units. For those who do not have hard wired units it is the tenants responsibility to maintain the units, report damage or malfunctions and to maintain charged batteries in the units at all times. We suggest that when you change the clocks you should also change your Smoke & CO2 batteries. If you need assistance reaching the units and replacing batteries please DO NOT hesitate to contact our maintenance crew directly.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is the responsibility of the residents. Driveways are plowed at the majority of our owned & managed properties. Sidewalks, walkways, porches and steps are the responsibility of the residents. Salt, Shovels will be supplied each season as needed. Please make shovel & salt requests directly to our offices by calling 716-264-4135.