Our Company Services

At Towne Housing Real Estate we continue to build upon and develop our services in ways that bring value to our clients. Our clients remain our priority. To honor our commitment we work daily to provide the most efficient “Full-Service” experience possible. Daily we strive to provide a consistent service that investors and tenants can rely on. We incorporate the latest in technologies both in office and online to provide visibility to our clients and ease of access to all information pertinent to ones portfolio performance. As the market continues to grow we look to the future in the hopes of building long term relationships with Clients, Investors, Sub-Contractors and Residents.

Real Estate Investing

Over the past few years Buffalo has become a place for those looking to invest into real estate. From a single duplex to 100+ unit portfolios, we have seen several approaches to real estate investing. It is key to have exposure in the market, to see the different approaches and to understand the positives and negatives of different methods of investing. We offer our clients assistance in the property analysis, portfolio structuring, buying & selling arenas. We work to provide clients with important need to know information so that they can confidently make their decisions as they build a strong real estate portfolio.

Property Management

Good Property Management is key. There is no getting around the day-to-day challenges of investment property ownership. There are ways in which new investors can solve this issue without hiring a manager at all, but when looking for larger, long-term growth, building a strong relationship with a professional property manager becomes necessary. As a company we manage over 900 apartments spread across Western New York. With more than 25 years of combined experience our team brings tremendous value to both the new and seasoned investor. Our fees are simple and bill on a monthly basis. Click the Property Management link above for more details on our services.

Professional Leasing Services

Here at Towne Housing Real Estate we employ directly a team of experienced and licensed NYS Salespersons for the leasing of our vacant residential units. They focus on marketing, signage, listing content, pictures and the showing of apartments to our interested applicants. Each agent employs several measures to confirm an applicants income, employment, credit, criminal background in an effort to select the very best resident for your units.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Bill Pay

Our team of accounting associates handles the day to day reporting of all portfolio activity including rental income, maintenance labor charges, supplies expenses and property management fee expenses. Our premium management package also includes the payment and tracking of all operation expenses including mortgages, taxes, utilities, insurance and any other operational expenses presented to us by the owner. We track daily through our management system which we provide all of our clients 24/7 access to. Additionaly, every transaction, invoice and bill is outlined to you for reference at your convenience, questions directed towards our accounting department are answered promptly. Monthly all client accounts are reconciled, owner statements sent to the owner along with their monthly owner draw.

Routine Maintenance

Our Maintenance Department provides excellent day to day maintenance service for any call that may come our way. Our Coordination team focuses daily on sourcing calls and messages from both tenants and owners and work to coordinate the work into our daily schedule. We have a team of dedicated and skilled maintenance technicians that respond in a timely manner to all tenant and owner requests. Emergencies are responded to same day and each team member does all they can to ensure a mutually beneficial resolution. Routine maintenance services are billed on an hourly basis to ensure our pricing remains the most economical for the property owner.

Apartment Remodel Services

Apartment Remodel services were added into our service outline in late 2017. Our team consists of skilled and dedicated individuals focused on producing the highest quality possible. We provide each client with a comprehensive full-scope and quote. That quote is a set number based on our many years experience and a vital understanding of the hidden and unknown costs associated with remodeling apartments. Once approved, a project can start typically within 2 weeks and generally runs 1 to 2 weeks in duration at most. Larger projects we would pass along to one of our preferred subcontracted General Contractors.

Residential & Commercial Sales

As a licensed Brokerage Firm of 5 years our associates offer clients with the most detailed analysis of properties they are interested in. Our specialty is investment properties but that does not keep us from connecting a first time home buyer, friend or family member from finding the perfect home. Our commercial services offered to investors exceed the expectations of all. We run thorough comps, evaluate a properties earning potential not just with information on the market but by using internal information we have collected through the management of hundreds of units all across Western New York. Contact one of our sales associates today to experience the difference and to do a thorough review of great opportunities currently available in the market today!