Our People

Meet the Team.

Meet the talented and amazing individuals that make Towne Housing Real Estate tick. Each and every person you see listed remains dedicated to our mission and goals of providing leading service to you the client. We pride ourselves on our relationships with clients and tenants. Get to know us and feel free to reach out, we are happy to respond.

Jeremy Ballsmith

Jeremy M. Ballsmith
Managing Partner, Licensed R. E. Broker

As Managing Partner of Towne Housing Real Estate, Jeremy is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. As a licensed Real Estate Broker and real estate investor of 5+ years, he plays a critical role in the execution of the company’s business plan. His attention to detail and decision making process has proven successful in the real estate investment and management industry. His unique approach to real estate is one proven by his successes in Towne Housing since its inception, in January of 2012.


Denna Hernandez
Director of Leasing Services

 As Director of Leasing Services at Towne Housing Real Estate, Dee is responsible for the daily oversight of the leasing department and its agents. She is credited with the development and the continuous fine tuning of our leasing process which includes; unit analysis, market research, listings, showings, tenant screenings and selection. She joined our team in late 2017 after having spent time at another local management company. She has several years’ experience in real estate but also in social work which gives her that ability to assist people and most importantly she truly cares. Recently she has also begun to assist in the development of the overall company including the onboarding of new clients and with educating clients and local real estate professionals of our services and the value professional property management has on a portfolio.


Elizabeth Huntington 
Account Manager & Property Management

 As Account Manager and Property Manager at Towne Housing Real Estate, Libby as she is known wears many hats and influences several aspects of our daily operation. Responsible for the management of tenant matters, client communications, delinquent rent monitoring, leasing services in the Lockport area and dealings with rental assistance associations she is always on the move. Previously in school to become a Surgical Technician, Libby joined our team in mid-2017 and committed full-time in early 2018. Her administrative and organizational skills bring an unmatched level of value to our overall operations. As we continue to grow you can expect to see her involved in all aspects of process development, training and in the execution of our daily mission to better improve our company and overall service to the clients and residents we serve.



Nick Rogalski
Manager of Finance
As Manager of Finance at Towne Housing Real Estate, Nick is responsible for the oversight of incoming and outgoing payments for both its clients and the company. As a Senior in the School of Management at the University of Buffalo with a focus on finance Nick’s education runs parallel with his daily tasks and responsibilities. Often times he can be found in the office assisting others in the accounting department or working with Jeremy to better the company process in an effort operate more efficiently and effectively. His ability to multi-task makes him a valuable asset to both the financial team and each client here at Towne Housing Real Estate.



Deborah Marinelli

As a part of the Accounting team at Towne Housing Real Estate, Debbie has previous work experience in bookkeeping, banking, real estate and property management. Debbie often times works to update clients payables, reconcile accounts, manage bill pay and assists with the overall management of clients funds. Her involvement in the company has led to increased productivity throughout the accounting team by assisting in the daily tasks that require time and attention to detail.


Theresa Lee

As a Bookkeeper of Towne Housing Real Estate, Theresa is responsible for the day to day accounting of clients for the company.  She is a highly motivated professional with over 7 years of Office Manager and Accounting experience, including Real Estate industry experience. She is a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo with a degree in Business.  Her attention to detail and adeptness at implementing procedures to improve efficiency have proven successful over the years. 


Judy Lee
Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson & Leasing Agent






Collyn Christian
Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Collyn brings value to his investor clients by running continuous investment analysis and market research. He has worked with the company for almost 2 years both in our sales and leasing divisions. Collyn through his previous involvement in our leasing and property management departments has intimate knowledge of the complex strategies required to be successful in real estate investing. Contact him today to assist you on your deal and growth of your portfolio.


Michael Ballsmith
Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson






Andre Carey
Director of Construction Services

As Director of Construction Services at Towne Housing Real Estate, Andre is responsible for the daily operations of our construction division which is focused on the redevelopment and built outs of our clients’ properties. Andre joined our team in December of 2017 after having combined forces with Towne as the previous owner of New Beginnings GC, Inc. He and his crew have been a tremendous addition to the company both through service and experience. With over 12 years’ experience in construction, Andre brings tremendous value to our team. Often times Andre can be found working on quotes, material purchasing, delivery and the inspection of our contractors work. 


Walter Smith
Director of Maintenance

 As Director of Maintenance at Towne Housing Real Estate, Walter is responsible for the successful maintenance of all real estate investments in our portfolio and the portfolios of our clients. With over 20 years’ experience as an independent contractor, Walter brings un-paralleled level of experience to the team. Often times Walter can be found working on a property or answering a maintenance call from a resident. Ensuring he does his work in an efficient and timely manner, it’s always expected he is the one to get the job done.



Mike Kuntz
Maintenance Technician







Adam Roehrig
Maintenance Technician







Tony Ballsmith
Chief Morale Officer

Tony is certainly a handful. He is always excited to come to work to see his friends. While he sleeps the majority of his day he brings added value in making everyone smile. That is until he hears food. Once the fridge opens he is a one track mind, he is a better mooch than you may give him credit for, he’s dangerous with those sad little eyes (he’s faking it – he lives the life). That’s okay because we still love him. 




Scarlet Hernandez
Chief Morale Officer

 Scarlett is our office sweetheart. She can oftentimes be found sleeping in Tony’s bed or at the feet of her mom, Dee. If she thinks we forgot about her she lets out a nice little howl to remind us she’s here. Otherwise her time is spent running about with Tony and rubbing up to anyone who she senses is stressed.