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+ Does the price for management depend on how much I receive in rent?


+ Where will my property be advertised?


+ How do you screen potential tenants?


+ Do I have to pay for advertising?


+ What is your process for property maintenance/ tenant requests?


+ What if my tenants do not pay rent?


+ What if my tenants damage my property?


+ Who do you use for property maintenance?


+ What do I need to do at the end of the year for tax and financial reporting?


+ How much of my money do you hold on account for repairs?


+ What if I want to use my own contractor for work to be done?


+ Who holds the tenants security deposit?


+ How do you determine rental rates, do I have a say?


+ Do you do regular property inspections to ensure there are no damages?


+ When do you start the leasing process if a tenant gives 30 day notice?


+ As the property owner, how involved do I have to be?


+ When will I receive the rent each month?


+ What types of properties do you manage?


+ Are you licensed?